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Wenn Sie sich an der Aktion für sauberes Trinkwasser und die Dekontamination des Fabrikgeländes in Bhopal beteiligen wollen, schreiben Sie bitte einen Brief mit folgendem Inhalt an den CEO von Dow Chemical:

Petition an Dow Chemical

Andrew N. Liveris
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Dow Chemical Company
2030 Dow Center
Midland, Michigan 48674

Dear Mr Liveris,

The lives of tens of thousands of people in Bhopal were devastated in December 1984 by a catastrophic gas leak at Union Carbide’s pesticide factory. There has been no justice and no proper rehabilitation for survivors and this human rights disaster now spans generations. No one has been held to account for the serious failures leading to the leak. Union Carbide – today a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company – walked away from Bhopal, without even decontaminating the site properly. This 25th anniversary year, I am joining the thousands of people who want to make Dow a promise: You can’t forget Bhopal – we won't let you. We are calling on Dow to:

• Proactively engage with the government of India to ensure that the site is properly decontaminated and that adequate reparations are made to those affected;
• Co-operate fully on the ongoing legal proceedings in order to ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

Yours sincerely,